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Certified Translations
(Russian/German, English/German)

For price examples of certified translations (Russian/German), please refer to German or Russian version of this page.
To get a price offer for certified translation from English to German or vice versa, please contact:

Inna Tsvik
Phone: +4917684684724
E-Mail:  Inna.Tsvik@gmx.net


Amrei Hüßner
Phone: +49 178 1477663
E-Mail: info@amrei-translation.de
Website: https://amrei-translation.de

Please note: certified translation directly from English to Russian or from Russian to English is technically not possible according to German laws, as one of the languages of certified translation (source or target language) has to be German.
However, speaking from our experience, we can say that for many purposes, it might be enough if you provide a non-certified translation with contact details of the translator.

If this is the case, you can contact:
Dmitry Akselrod
Phone: +97254224941
WhatsApp: +972542249414
E-Mail:  dmitryakselrod@gmail.com

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