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присяжный переводчик в Мюнхене
Sworn translator and interpreter of Russian and German, Translator of Ukrainian and Japanese

Tel: +498923514709
Whatsapp: +49176 22653429
FB-Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/russischdolmetscher
Skype: beplin
E-Mail: lina.berova@gmx.de
Anschrift: Friedenheimer Str. 67, 80686 München
(sworn translator certificate)



Translations (Russian / German) and interpreting in the field of  medicine

  • Interpreting in clinics (Bogenhausen Clinic, Alpha Clinic, Munich Children’s Center, Munich Kinderwunsch Center, Haunersches Children’s Hospital, Harlaching Orthopedic Clinic, Großhadern Clinic, Munich Diagnostic Clinic, Bogenhausen Clinic, Isar Clinic, Munich Heart Center, Human Genetics Center, Fertility Center at the Opera ) in the fields of cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, dentistry, pediatric medicine, endocrinology, urology, cardiology, oncology, gynecology, e.g. B .:
    • Interpreting (Russian / German) for examinations and medical advice, including genetic advice
    • Interpreting (Russian / German) when preparing for the operation
    • Interpreting (Russian / German) for Vojta therapy in the children’s center in Munich
  • Translations of product brochures and information material for a manufacturer of gluten-free food
  • Regular interpreting in the field of orthodontics
  • Interpreting genetic counseling at the Center for Human Genetics
  • Translation of information material for clinics in the district of Upper Bavaria
  • Whispered interpreting (Russian-German) at a Russian metabolism conference in Rimini, Italy
  • Translation (German-Russian) of an advertising flyer for the urological department of a Munich clinic
  • Regular translations of medical reports for large Munich clinics, medical practices and private customers
  • Translation of questionnaires for Munich clinics
  • Translation (Russian / German) of service catalogs

Interpreting (Russian / German) and translations in the field of  business and law

  • Translation into Russian for an IT company in Munich: documents for an employee training course on data protection
  • Translations of contracts and documents (Hebrew / German) in collaboration with  Dmitry Akselrod
  • Interpreting at TÜV on the topic of insurance
  • Interpreting at TÜV Süd and Bavaria Chamber of Crafts as part of a German-Ukrainian exchange project on the subject of renewable energies
  • Interpreting negotiations on the purchase of a famous sports school
  • Translation (German-Russian / Russian-German) of contracts (loan contract, assignment contract, supply contract, work contract, employment contract, work contract, real estate purchase contract, building participation contract, marriage contract, developer contract)
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) in negotiations for the construction of a health center in the Munich area
  • Translation of terms and conditions
  • Regular interpreting (Russian-German) during contract negotiations (including property purchase, share purchase)
  • Translation of the insurance conditions for an insurance company from Liechtenstein
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) at TÜV for representatives of the Russian regulatory authorities
  • Interpreting (Russian / German) at the bailiff
  • Translation of total and balance lists
  • Translation (German-Russian) of decisions (tax office, customs administration) for an international company
  • Interpreting (Russian / German) at the IHK Munich; Support for business start-ups
  • Translation (Russian / German) of information material on an innovative payment system from Russia

Interpreting (Russian / German) and translations for  authorities

  • Translations of certificates (birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, registration confirmation etc. as well as vehicle registration papers, adoption documents, certificate and diploma translations for the recognition of educational qualifications)
  • Court interpreting (Russian / German) at courts in Munich (especially labor and family law); Interpreting in Stadelheim Prison
  • Translation of judgments (custody, divorce, Russian tax law)
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) at a notary: notarial certificates (property purchase, social contract, property developer contract, marriage contract, powers of attorney) as well as contract negotiations
  • Translation (German-Russian) of foundation documents for international and German companies (statutes, certificate of establishment, extract from the commercial register)
  • Interpreting (German-Russian) for marriage registrations (Munich registry office etc.)

Translations and interpreting (Russian / German) in the field of  technology

  • Translation (Russian / German) of a catalog on the subject of “Oboe and accessories” and development of Russian terminology
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) in sales training for a bathroom furniture manufacturer
  • Interpreting (Russian / German) during a two-week training course on a turning and milling center (electrical, programming) for INDEX and TEMZ (Tomski elektromechanitscheski sawod)
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) for a software manufacturer during presentations about software for planning power plants (including at Siemens Energy, Erlangen)
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) in negotiations on insulation materials made of wood and hemp with representatives of the expert council of the Russian State Duma
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) for a large European motorhome manufacturer and its Ukrainian trading partners
  • Interpreting (Russian / German) during a training course on bag sewing machines / packaging technology
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) in negotiations on room thermostats (Nuremberg)
  • Translation (Russian-German) of a test program for multivariable pressure transmitters (for approval in Kazakhstan)
  • Interpreting when visiting large logistics centers in NRW, Baden-Würtemberg and Hesse
  • Interpreting on the topics of natural cosmetics, pension provision and glass concrete for a company from Switzerland
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) on the approval of pressure transmitters in the Republic of Kazakhstan (for representatives of the Kazakh Institute of Metrology and a German company)
  • Translation (German-Russian) of a technical presentation on industrial glue
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) during training on a vehicle test system (Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • Regular translations in the furniture industry (delivery notes, correspondence, presentations, etc.)
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) in negotiations between the management of an institute for testing and certification of windows and facades and employees of the Moscow Research Institute for Building Physics on a known construction project in Russia

Published translations

  • Svetlana Peunova: The method of Svetlana Peunova. A new holistic healing system. Silberschnur Verlag , 2008
  • Lev Goldenberg: The Fate of Charlotte Christine Sophie von Braunschweig-Blankenburg
    In: Coins and Paper Money, December 2007, pp. 39-43
  • Lev Goldenberg: Chronogram and motto on the Achtbrüdertalers 1612 and 1613 from Sachsen-Weimar
    In: Coins and Paper Money, November 2006, pp. 27-29
  • Lev Goldenberg: Who was the “wrong Demetrius”?
    In: Geschichte, 7/2006, p. 11
  • Lev Goldenberg: The wrong Demetrius in Russia. On the 400th anniversary of the murder of Demetrius II.
    In: Coins and Paper Money, July / August 2006, pp. 67-68


  • Translation of menus and wine lists for hotels (including Kempinski, Sheraton) and wine producers
  • Translation of the manual for radio journalists on behalf of an international broadcaster
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) during a panel discussion in the Jewish Community of Munich
  • Interpreting at trade fairs in Munich and other cities (Frankfurt Book Fair, EXPO REAL, transport logistic, European Coatings Show, BAUMA, Interalpin, BAU, fensterbau) on the following topics: ski production, investments, paints and dyes, paving stone production, door and Window construction
  • Translation (German-Russian) of an information brochure on plant fibers
  • Interpreting (Russian-German) when ordering a clothing collection in the Munich fashion and textile center
  • Translation of private and company correspondence for German and Eastern European clients
  • Interpreting (Russian / German) during the negotiations between a Russian and a German publisher at the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Translation of texts for a CD
  • Translation of a website about book covers
  • Assistance in editing the sound bites for a well-known television station
  • Translation (German-Russian) of advertising material on Formula 1 racing
  • Collection of information material about facilities for trenchless pipe laying at IFAT-2008 for a Russian client
  • Evaluation of a translation (Russian / German) in the field of software

Proofreading / editing (Russian, German)

  • Proofreading and editing of several German texts for the six-language edition of the city guide “Moskva, kotoroj net” (“Moscow – a city that does not exist”)
  • Proofreading of a website about dental implants in TagEditor (in collaboration with a translation agency)
  • Proofreading of translations of construction instructions
  • Proofreading of tender documents for a building project (in cooperation with a translation agency)
  • Proofreading of translations of legal texts (in cooperation with a translation agency)
  • Proofreading and translation of information brochures and questionnaires for a Munich clinic
  • Proofreading of doctoral and diploma theses (geosciences, IT, information security, sociology), correction of scientific contributions from the field of sociology

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