Dmitry Akselrod
Dmitry Akselrod - translator Hebrew, Russian, English
translator of Hebrew, Russian and English


I’ve been working as a translator since 2008. Currently (as of May, 2022) I’m translating a book about juvenile epilepsy. Have a passion for medical translations, historical documents, literary translations (such as Hebrew poetry), music educational courses/books (my favourites are musical instruments guides). Born in Russia, living in Israel since adolescence, native in Russian and Hebrew. Educated in English literature, studied German history and literature.

Through my working experience I’ve dealt with a wide range of projects, such as:

✔️ Legal translation

✔️ Medical documents translation

✔️ Medical reports translation

✔️ Personal documents (ID card, working permits, etc) translation

✔️ Rental / lease agreement translation

✔️ Financial papers translation

✔️ Audit report translation

✔️ Testament translation / personal will translation

✔️ Diplomas translation

✔️ Software translation and localization

✔️ Apps translation 

✔️ UX /User Interface translation 

✔️ Consumer Products translation

✔️ Consumer electronics translation

✔️ Website translation

✔️ Interview transcription and translation

✔️ Business and personal negotiations – interpretation and translation

✔️ TV programs, video content translation

✔️ Documentaries and film translation

✔️ Academic Translation

✔️ Scientific Papers Translation

✔️ Literary translation

✔️ Proofreading services

✔️ Transcription services

I worked with investment companies, medical clinics, German TV chahnels, software developers etc.

My mission is to convey a meaningful, accurate, customer-oriented translation as fast as possible. I’m working with all kinds of CAT tools, dictionaries, and any tools needed.

Some examples:





Data analysis, information from open sources (OSINT) in different languages, working with sources 

Proficient search skills

Software: Hunchly, Lightshot, WebArchive, Tineye, Maltego Casefile


2021-22:        Medical translations (“Migdal Medical”, juvenile epilepsy, translations of medical reports for a Swiss translation agency)

2014-2019: Office manager and translator at Nature’s Pro, Herzliya, Israel (translation of catalogues – pharmaceutical /nutritional supplements)

2018:             Transcription and translations of interviews (“Russian America”)

2017:             Translation of technical documentation, memos (“INVESTSTROYPROEKT”)

2014:             Content Analysis / translations (leading newspapers: Guardian, NYT…)

Since 2009:         Translations and transcriptions for “Ulpanei Elrom”, “DoriMedia”, and others.

Documentaries, films, series. E.g. “Mad Men”, “Suits”


Epylepsy in children by Uri Kramer (Hebrew-Russian)

Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening and Observationson the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening by H. Repton (English-Russian)

Six Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser (English-Russian)

Ironside Diaries by E. Ironside (English-Russian)

The King’s Peace, Thirty Years War by C.V. Wedgwood (English-Russian)

Sefer HaShem (Book Of The Name) by Rabbi Eleazar of Worms (Hebrew-English)


    HUJI, Faculty of Humanities, English Department (2008-2010)

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